Garage Door Repair Spring TX
Garage Door Repair Spring TX
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Do not suffer out of ignorance. These FAQs for garage door repair will help inform you.

  • Q: How can I reinforce garage door security?

    A: Obviously, garage door repair is the first and most important rule to keep the system stable strong and deal with possible threats in Spring. Additionally, you can install latches, CCTV systems in the perimeter, connect garage doors with the alarm system and fix the bottom seal.

  • Q: A section in the garage door is broken; can I replace that section alone?

    A: If there is a broken section in your garage door, it is possible to repair or replace that section only. This however, is dependent on the extent of the damage suffered by that section. Our experts advise that you make a full garage door repair if the extent of the damage is huge. However, you should be careful in making your evaluation to make the right decision.

  • Q: What is R-value?

    A: R-value is the range of measurement for the thermal efficiency of doors. The greater the R-value level, the higher the level of insulation. This provides an illustration of how well insulated the door is. This can be an important consideration when looking at a new garage door. If your garage is attached to your home and you have a room above or adjacent to the garage, adequate insulation is essential for energy efficiency. If your home is not attached to your garage, you could choose a lower insulated door.

  • Q: Should I have a Wind Load garage door for my garage?

    A: Areas that are likely to be affected by strong winds need to have a garage that is wind load. Wind Load doors are typically an upgrade of the traditional doors, reinforced to meet specific building code requirements. Our specialists can evaluate and recommend the appropriate wind load door that fits the area you are living.

  • Q: How often should I do maintenance to my garage door?

    A: Your garage door is built to operate smoothly without any major interruption for years at a time. However, depending on your usage, the safest maintenance schedule you can do is on a yearly basis. Check for any possible wear and tear and replace them when necessary. Clean and lubricate spare parts in order to maintain the same smooth performance of your garage door.

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