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Cut straight to the chase with these garage door repair tips. A simplified and comprehensive version. Useful tips for everyone! Informative, helpful and very practical! Make the best out of them! Learn how to ensure safe and proper garage door operation. Consider the following tips as small, golden rules about the way you should handle garage door matters

  • Remember to stain or paint your wood garage door every few years or so.

    It’s the only way to protect the wood and keep the door in great shape and aesthetics for years on end. The beauty of wood is well worth the trouble. If you think about it, it’s not any different than seeing a dermatologist or investing in cosmetics.

  • Inspect the safety cables if your garage door uses extension springs.

    The safety cable can be even more crucial than the spring itself. When extension springs fail, they fail catastrophically and the safety cable attached to each spring is the safety device that prevents the garage door from crashing down. If you don’t see the safety cables, call an installer to have a set put in.

  • Garage door photo eye testing

    Check to make sure your garage door's photo eye is working properly at least once a month. Simply open the garage door, and then close it using the remote. As the door starts closing, wave any object (a broomstick or a large piece of wood should do) in front of the photo eyes to trigger the mechanism. The door should reverse their operation.

  • Repair damages as soon as possible

    Don't leave damaged garage door parts without fixing them. Even if the door moves, the loose cable or the slightly dented track will still create problems and as our experts say it will just get worse over time. After all, when you fix issues on time, you avoid spending too much on garage door repairs.

  • Let the motor cool after longer operation

    If you adjust the travel limits, for instance, and you have to check how each adjustment affects the door's operation by running the opener, you will need to let the motor cool for about 15 minutes after running two or three tests.

  • Inform everyone about garage door safety

    Accidents can happen anywhere, and improper use of the garage door can be the source of some of them. We recommend that you take the time to inform everyone at home about garage door safety so that everyone will know how to take care when they are around a garage door.

  • Do not try to fix problems with your garage door opener by yourself

    If you have noticed your garage door getting stuck up or not moving properly, get your garage door mechanism and your garage door inspected by a professional garage door service repair man. It would be dangerous to do it yourself especially if you are not knowledgeable about it.

  • Change the access codes routinely

    It is recommended by our experts that users change the standard access codes on both the opener and the remote control set by the manufacturer. This of course is important for security purposes. It is also recommended that users get an opener that has rolling-code technology that automatically changes the access codes each time the opener is used.

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