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Garage Door Maintenance

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When you have a garage door and rely on it daily, it is necessary to know some basic maintenance and ways to keep it fit. However, several factors can impact your ability to do maintenance yourself, and if this is the case, we are the professionals you need. Regardless of why, we are ready to help you with your door to ensure that it is safe and in good condition.

Garage Door Maintenance

We Understand the Importance of the Simple

Some things need to be done regularly regarding the door. These include lubrication, retightening bolts, and checking all of the parts visually, among other tasks. The procedure is fairly simple, but if for whatever reason you are unable to or not comfortable with doing it yourself, we can do it for you.

 When Garage Door Maintenance Becomes Repairs

A visual inspection can leave you with a list of things that may need more attention. Likewise, when we do basic maintenance, we may notice problematic areas. Our qualified professionals are able to identify and resolve all of the issues you may encounter, or which we may come across. Having these problems dealt with early, prevents them from escalating and turning into much larger issues, and also increases the lifespan of your door. When garage door maintenance leads to repairs or replacements of worn parts, it is not necessarily a sign that you have not taken proper care of the door. Wear and tear happen, and the maintenance period is the prime opportunity for noticing it.

Our Experts Fix Doors and Openers

The opener is an integral part of the garage door setup, and we are able to fix any problems yours may have. Whether you have a screw drive, belt drive or other type of opener, we know how to handle it. Garage door maintenance takes an effort on several fronts, and the opener is one of them. We can help you out if the opener gets too noisy, slows down, or if parts of it start to rust. These are among the most common issues, but we have experience handling more uncommon ones, as well: the door getting stuck when open, complete lack of response, and others.

We are the professionals you need for any maintenance task—from the simple to the complex and puzzling.

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