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Garage Door Remotes

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Automatic garage doors are fantastic for convenience and making your everyday life that little bit smoother. If you have one of these systems installed, you will need to pick whether or not you go with a remote control for its activation or a mounted clicker. We can install both varieties as well as provide a range of options for either solution, along with advice for the designs that will best suit your needs and preferences. 

Remotes Can Be Lost or Broken

Garage Door RemotesGarage door remotes are often made to be small and as nimble as possible. This unfortunately means they tend to be easy to lose, crush, or forget in dangerous places. When your remote is broken, you will be forced to use your door in manual mode until you have the remote replaced or repaired. We can usually swap remotes for exact matching alternatives. Otherwise we can provide a universal remote that can be programmed to work perfectly with your system.

Clickers Can Be Less Convenient

Garage door clickers can also be damaged and broken in accidents, but this is less likely as they are usually mounted safely on a wall. Clickers are no way near as convenient as remotes, especially if you have them inside the garage or house. If you already have a clicker and would prefer a remote, the driver on your opener system will need to be changed.

Garage Door Remote Repair

Sometimes garage door remotes fail due to reasons that are unclear to the user. The signal component could be corrupted, the circuitry within the transmitter or receiver could be damaged or other radio signals could be interfering with the mechanism. Call us today if your remote seems to be malfunctioning for any reason at all. We’ll arrive with the expertise to repair the damage or provide a new set of replacements if your current ones can't be fixed. Save yourself the cost of buying a whole new opener or making the mistake of purchasing the wrong remote for your system.

Let us ensure your opener works perfectly with the correct activation equipment installed expertly. 

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